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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Thumbs up

those who know me on facebook know that i have an  unhealthy obsession with mascots. That is those creatures we see at football games, promotional events and busking in the street. I believe in them ..their characters. For me they really ARE a bear or a dinosaur or a rabbit. Its a form of escapism I suppose.

Anyway I set  out to get photographed with as many of these lovely characters as possible..with my  ( now trademark) thumbs up. It , for me is like entering their surreal and fun filled world.

Yes it sounds weird perhaps
Yes it may sound stupid......but then I think the world is weird and stupid and unless we remove ourselves from its nonesense every now and then.we will be trapped in boredom and fear. These two things that society imposes on us in order to
a/ sell us things we don't need in order to make us feel less bored ( thus creating financial slavery)
b/ keep us from speaking up or challenging the norm

..anyway here are some of my encounters... you know it makes sense!!!!

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