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Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Today was one of those golden autumn days that remind  me of old van morrison tracks. Despite having to go to work, I was able to walk my dogs twice in the autumn sunshine. Is one of my favourite times of the year. That period when summer is ending but there is still a beautiful low light cutting shadows along the ground.

There is slight sadness in the trees as they hush with the wind. I like walking at this time of the year. It seems to inspire ideas about colour and movement. Things are changing and there is a feeling that one must be doing something before the darkness arrives.

The strong shadows on the ground are like some kind of dramatic movie projection on a green screen. There are many images to trigger ideas for new paintings. I am thinking of making some really small drawings reponding very instictively and quickly to my surroundings possibly made within a few seconds and then translating them into large paintings after they 'simmer' for a while.

At times like these I feel  very fortunate to sense the world as I do. This must surely be what making art is ultimately about.....making the golden....simply

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