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Sunday, 5 September 2010

crossing out and crossing over

today was a funny day. Funny in different ways. I went to my studio to do some work on a painting which I started last week. Despite having a plan...I sat down and started looking at another canvas I had been working on over a month ago. The inevitable happened...I put one little brush mark on it just to 'fix' something........... and three hours later I had totally re constructed it!!

The process reminded me of that great scene from 'father ted' when he decides to 'tap out' a little dent in his car. Go to this link and see what I mean!

Anyway, unlike father ted, I was  pleased with the result and yet again I was conviced of the value of re visiting paintings and also of the importance of painting being a 'historical' dovment of a personal drama. The sense of time and layers of existence is becoming more important in my work. The adding  and removal the construction and destruction are metaphors for balace neccessary in this life.

As I drove home, I was reminded of another reminder of  life and death and vulnerability. This time in the form of several people coming out of a shopping centre and crossing the road using what I call 'the 'greyhound on valium' technique

The 'greyhound....' syndrome occurs when an individual who is not very fit believes they are capable of running across the road in fromt of a car quickly enough to reach the other side safely. These people begin the long journey across the with great intent and a spring in their step. As they reach the white line in the middle of the road they realise the worst. They havn't got the lung capacity to sustain the trot all the way across.

Now most of us would stop and wait for a gap in traffic. Sadly these proud souls cannot admit defeat. They limp, stumble or otherwise stagger their way to the other side pretending that they meant to go at this slower pace all along. The result is that as a driver , you are completely confused and have to slow down suddenly.

These creatures can be particularly clever, faking a limp or sudden malfunction of part of their shoe in order  to cover their emabarassment ( or stupidity). Some  of them even swing their arms in a comic fashion trying to indicate they are slowing down just for a laugh! Unfortunately as they grasp their chest and reach for another cigarette...the truth is undeniable!

For these people, I have  wonderful and valuable news. There is an exercise that can remove 'greyhound on valium' invloves the use of one finger, a button and a little green man!

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