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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Blair witch

well Tony Blair's autobiography is the best selling ever ( or something like that). I'm sure its a good read and obviously is full of juicy revelations.
What strikes me most is not the content of the book but the story written on the man's face. A face which was so frsh and full of hope not that many years ago.Now its a ravaged empty and almost epressionless facade. carved with the inscriptions of comprimises,  wheels and deals,  deceptions and final surrender to the bully that is politics.

This post is not about Blair ( a man I respected in the nineties ), it is about the sadness of what seems to be inevitable. Good people or at least people with good intentions being sucked dry and spat out by global evil that is organised politics. In my opinion there have been ( and are) some good leaders but rarely good politicians..and there IS a difference.

Tonight I was in work. I was timetabled to finish at 7pm and at 6.59pm  a senior manager arrived. A nice suit and proudly wearing their ID badge ( something which I believe people do in order to show WHAT they are rather than who they are). They strutted round not knowing anyone's name and at 7pm walked out.
This visit had no real was show of strength..a marker...a 'look at me' moment.

However in that moment I observed the same dry, hollow facade that I saw on the cover of Mr Blair's book.
Sad that so many chase the ghost of power, popularity and position like some innocent wildebeast being chased down by a leopard until it finally gives up and is devoured and left an empty shell.

Even more sad is that these 'corpses' still walk and talk and even worse....devour others!

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