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Monday, 30 August 2010

Why I like dogs

Picasso said   '.... it took me a lifetime to paint like a child'. The more I paint, the more I appreciate this statement. I also appreciate the value of time and the nonsense of wasting it. There is of course a dilema.
Can we deny the knowledge and technical skill we have developed in order to 'paint like a child'? Do we attempt to 'un learn' everything?
 The ulimate aim is to paint with total honesty.  That is to make every mark as truthful and pure as possible. For me, that is what children do. They apply the skill they have with honesty. The reason for this is that children to not project ahead to whether the work will be seen by others or whether it will be liked by others. Likewise dogs live for the moment.. They focus on the present experience.

Sadly it is tempting  for 'adult' artists to be driven by the 'outcome' the 'project' the 'review' and consequently they work as if they are aready in the future instead of the present...the result is that they have already lost a valuable slice of their time........... This is why I like dogs.

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