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Tuesday, 9 November 2010


in my studio recently I have become aware of the many and varied sounds which eminate from the streets below. There is a strange balance and harmony. Last weekend, a cold autumn sunday morning was layered like a cake with audible icing. The oozing sound of the wind and the planes lifting off from city airport punctuated by the barking dog i have heard so many sundays but  have yet to see....and at  ten exactly the bells join the chorus, the cables on the pylons swing to the beat.and I realise  the rhythm is gliding into this old room on the back of beams of october sunlight .
I am stapling large sheets of canvas to the wall and praying that i can soak them in these sounds.


  1. OK Sam this is a great addition. One good blogsite begets another so please check out what I am doing via and let me know what ya think!!

  2. Beautifully put Sam!
    I do think sound can have a large part in visual arts - whether it's the ambient surrounding noise, or specially selected sounds played back. And the rhythms you're describing sound (no pun intended) perfect in relation to your work...